Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Become a Surrogate Mother: Health Qualifications for Surrogates

Some women are absolutely fascinated by the experience of being pregnant and witnessing the miracle of birth firsthand. These women are often willing to become surrogates, as they are done having their own children and genuinely want barren couples to have a child.

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a surrogate mother, you must realize that conceiving another couple’s child is a huge responsibility with numerous requirements. Most of the time, parents looking for surrogates will consult a common guideline to help them reach a final decision.

Surrogates must be healthy

This requirement is almost a no-brainer: potential parents expect a generally healthy mother to carry their child. This means that a surrogate must not have any health complications that may threaten the health of the child. It’s also recommended that a surrogate should have health insurance covering maternity and childbirth.

While almost anyone can be a surrogate, experts see women who have previously given birth to a child as an ideal surrogate.

Abstaining from Alcohol

Given that surrogates are supposed to maintain good health throughout the process, they are discouraged from drinking alcohol while carrying another couple’s baby. Furthermore, women who smoke are usually ruled out as possible surrogates, as smoking can only bring harm to a baby.

Becoming a Surrogate

Should you decide to become a surrogate for another married couple, you must first realize that this process is complex and tedious at some point. This is why it’s often best to speak to a lawyer before being involved in any surrogacy arrangement.

Better yet, you can use a surrogacy agency that helps both surrogates and couples reach an agreement that’s in line with their best interests.

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