Monday, June 5, 2017

A Surrogacy Agency Talks About the Conditions That Prevent Couples from Having Kids

If you have dreamt of starting a family all your life only to be stopped by certain medical conditions, there is no reason why you should give up just yet. Medical advancements have provided you another option: surrogacy.

When you and your partner choose to have a child through a surrogate, you get to bring to the world your own child without having to physically undergo pregnancy.  In this scenario, your surrogate will carry your baby to term. This is a great option if you have been struggling to conceive for some time now.
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wanting to Have a Child? Here Are Important Things You Should Know About Surrogacy

Infertility, artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization–these are terms you have probably encountered more than once in your life. In fact, you may have heard them from friends or family who have had trouble carrying and bearing a child. Apart from fertility issues, however, surrogacy is also a good option for those in the LGBT community who wish to have a child as well as those with genetic disorders that they don’t wish to pass on. Here, we tackle the many reasons why people choose surrogacy.

Surrogacy Gives Hope To Couples Who Want To Have A Child

Generally, surrogacy is when a woman carries and give birth to a child for another person or couple. Surrogacy comes in two forms: there’s the traditional surrogacy, where a surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the intended father’s sperm cell. The surrogate then carries and gives birth to the child for the couple. Traditional surrogates are usually the biological mothers in this option.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Looking for a Surrogate Mother? Let a Surrogacy Agency Lead You to the Perfect Match

For some couples, having a child can be difficult, if not seemingly unattainable. This might be due to fertility issues, sexual orientation, or perhaps caused by an underlying medical condition. Through recent medical advancements, however, these parents-to-be now have the option of having their child through surrogacy.

Choosing a surrogate mother, however, is not as simple as seeking a new friend. After all, this will be the person who will be carrying, protecting, and nourishing your child until it enters the world for the first time.

Diligent care is a must in your part to find the right match. Here are some of the factors you should consider in finding a surrogate mother. Read more from this blog.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Become a Surrogate Mother and Experience its Wonderful Benefits?

The reason behind a couple’s decision to choose surrogacy is not exactly a secret; these couples are unable to carry a pregnancy to term due to medical reasons. The reason behind a woman’s decision to become a surrogate mother, however, is not always apparent. After all, it’s difficult to see the motivation in carrying another person’s baby for nine months.

According to popular belief, women choose to be surrogate mothers for the money. The truth, however, is that these women have varied reasons behind their choice of becoming a surrogate mother, with money being the least of their motivations. Surrogate mothers are now coming forward and sharing their stories on why they chose this path, and their stories might inspire you to become a surrogate mother yourself. Read more on this article.

Experts Debunk the Most Common Myths and Misconceptions about Surrogacy

For some couples, having their own children is easier said than done. Some of these women suffer from medical conditions that prevent them from attempting pregnancy, while others have simply exhausted all other options yet still can’t carry a pregnancy to term.

In the past few years, surrogacy has been one of the most popular options for couples having trouble with pregnancy. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology has revealed that the number of babies born through surrogates doubled between 2004 and 2008.

Despite this, some people remain wary of surrogacy, mostly due to false beliefs about the process. Let experts dispel and contradict these myths and misconceptions about the process. Read more from this blog.